Professional Back Bar Potent Herbal Pain Balm 16oz

Professional Back Bar Potent Herbal Pain Balm 16oz

$ 99.00

This external remedy is a therapeutic blend of herbs traditionally used to reduce muscle and joint pain and inflammation as well as address nervous pain and spasms inherent in auto-immune disorders, menstrual cramps, fibromyalgia, shingles, cancers, arthritis, and restless leg syndrome. I developed this balm to take the edge off my own pain from scoliosis, spinal degeneration, structural defects as well as restless leg. I find the balm takes the edge off the pain and spasms so I can sleep- and that is sweet. An elder friend of mine has been using the balm for a month on his shoulder and now he can sleep on that side of his body which he hasn’t been able to do for years.

For best results, place a warm, slightly damp towel to affected area. Remove towel and massage the pain balm into your skin. Cover with clothing, a towel or a bandage. Re-apply to the painful area as needed.

The Potent Herbal Pain Relief balm is just that-potent! It is a serious herbal remedy made with herbs that are potentially toxic taken internally but are therapeutic used externally. The balm is not for use in pregnancy or by the very frail. Keep out of the reach of and do not apply to small children. Do not use on bleeding or broken skin. Use only on painful areas-If applied to the entire body, slight lightheadedness may result. For use in massage therapy, the balm can be mixed with a carrier oil if desired. Also of note, the balm contains herbs with salicylates. Do not use if you’re allergic to aspirin.

For professional use, the balm is packaged in two 8oz dark glass jars. If you prefer a 16oz dark plastic jar, please let me know in the notes.