Wildflower West Sun Damage Renewal

Arizona is a mystical landscape of ancient volcanoes, red rock towers shaped by eons of desert rain, and highly-conscious healing plants.  Indigenous plants Chapparal, Globemallow, Arizona Cypress, Uva Ursi, Yucca, Osha and Spikenard gift desert and city dwellers alike (along with those of us who sunbathed too much) with protection from the elements and environmental pollution. The Wildflower West Sun Damage Renewal is a pure, very natural skin care regime that uses the herbal traditions of the Southwest to transform prematurely aged, sun damaged skin.

The Wildflower West Sun Damage Renewal facial has been successfully used by spas, estheticians and wellness professionals to deliver immediate results by firming, clarifying and minimizing wrinkles in their clients’ skin. The sun damage facial also sets the foundations for a skin wellness regimen that will, over time, remove sun damage growths like actinic keratosis, regenerate photo-aged skin while nourishing and strengthening skin to handle environmental pollutants.

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