Pro Eucalyptus Rose Desert Moon Water Cleanser 16oz

Pro Eucalyptus Rose Desert Moon Water Cleanser 16oz

$ 54.00

I formulated Desert Moon Water Cleanser at the request of an Esthetician friend of mine. For her practice, she needed a gentle but effective everyday face cleanser that wouldn't "strip" dry and sensitive skin or inflame rosacea.

I concocted this cleanser, made with a skin refining herbal tea of rose, eucalyptus, cardamom, calendula, comfrey and AZ cypress blended with toning rose and cypress hydrosols (called "moon waters" because they're similar to dew). I added a little Castile soap to remove impurities and the rich oils of apricot kernel, rosehip and grape seed to feed the skin, topping it off with pure stimulating essential oils.

Desert Moon Water Cleanser may be used daily morning and night. It is good to alternate it in the morning every few days with Volcanic Ash Purifying Cleanser (volcanic ash is exfoliating and should not be used every day). To apply Desert Moon Water Cleanser, pump a little in your hand and apply to your DRY face in a circular motion. Wait a minute then wash off with warm water. Follow with a serum and/ or moisturizer.

The professional back bar Desert Moon Water Cleanser comes in a 16oz dark plastic bottle with a pump.