Wholesale Wildflower West Sun Damage Collection Sets (case of 3 or 6 sets)
Wholesale Wildflower West Sun Damage Collection Sets (case of 3 or 6 sets)
Wholesale Wildflower West Sun Damage Collection Sets (case of 3 or 6 sets)

Wholesale Wildflower West Sun Damage Collection Sets (case of 3 or 6 sets)

$ 247.00

The Spa Herbalist introduces an herbal skin care collection for photo-aged, sun damaged skin. The Wildflower West Sun Damage Renewal facial has been successfully used by spas, estheticians and wellness professionals to deliver immediate results by firming, clarifying and minimizing wrinkles in their clients’ skin. The sun damage facial also sets the foundations for a skin wellness regimen that will, over time, remove sun damage growths like actinic keratosis, regenerate photo-aged skin while nourishing and strengthening skin to handle environmental pollutants.

The Herbal Skin Care Collection is now available as a continuing home regimen. The Collection includes the following five products and is attractively packaged in a mesh and natural fiber travel bag. The products will last approximately three months with home use.


Volcanic Ash Body & Spirit Purifying Cleanser 2oz

 Desert Rain Toning Mist 2oz

Sedona Earth Lightening Mask 2oz

Wildflower West Sun Damage Serum 50ml

Wildflower West Regeneration Face Cream 100ml

Volcanic Ash Purifying Body & Spirit Cleanser:  Following Native American traditions of the Southwest, ritual cleansing with herbs removes negative energies and prepares your body and spirit for healing while leaving your skin clear and radiant.

Sedona Earth Lightening Mask: Comprised of Fuller’s Earth, Western herbs and lemon, the mask pulls deeply as it dries, removing toxin build up, tightening skin tissue and lightening sun damage discolorations-an herbal face lift!

Desert Rain Toning Mist:  Pure Chapparal and Arizona cypress hydrosols renew and refine, leaving your skin as fresh and radiant as the desert after a monsoon rain.

Wildflower West Sun Damage Serum:  The southwestern plants, Chapparal, Globemallow, Arizona Cypress and Echinacea, gift desert and city dwellers alike with what we need most- protection from the sun, wind and environmental pollution. With a base of pure vitamin and anti-oxidant rich rosehip oil, the Wildflower West Sun Damage Serum intensely detoxifies your face, minimizing the appearance of sun damage discolorations, rashes and chemical burns while toning and rejuvenating environmentally parched skin.

Wildflower West Regeneration Cream:  is a finely crafted face cream that regenerates photoaged skin while working to lighten sun spots  and even skin tone.The herbs Chapparal, Uva Ursi and Blood Root are infused in shea butter, rosehip and grapeseed oil to encourage proper melanin function and stimulate the removal of actinic keratosis. The herbs Comfrey, Calendula, Gotu Kola and Punarnava are infused into a strong tea to repair and regenerate tired, broken and aged skin. Helichrysum hydrosol and essential oils of Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lemon and Neroli strengthen the healing and sun damage reversal qualities of this fine quality, natural cream. 


 For resale in your business, collections are sold in cases of 3 or 6 kits.