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When we walk through the heart of an ancient forest, traverse a vibrant hued desert canyon or listen to the voice of a river...
We are not separate from Nature
We are not merely a thread in Nature's web
We are ONE with Nature
We are also in a symbiotic healing relationship with Nature
This is our birthright
Green Soul Botanicals' mission it to help us rediscover our birthright, being One in unity and relationship with Nature 
Green Soul Botanicals crafted the Spa Herbalist range of herbal skin care, topical  lotions and potions and spa treatments to connect us to the healing consciousness of plants.  All products are real. They are hand crafted with intention from ethically sourced, highly conscious whole herbs . Spa Herbalist therapies are based on herbal healing traditions, ancient spa rituals and spiritual teachings.  Allow magic, wholeness and  transformation to flower within you.  Expect the occasional miracle.

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