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Robin Harrington, Formulator 

"Thank you for visiting! As the founder of Green Soul Botanicals and the formulator of the Spa Herbalist range of herbal skin care therapies, I endeavor to help us unite with the healing consciousness of Nature. In order to do so, I have created herbal healing products-balms, serums, massage oils, scrubs, masks, toners, fine creams and butters- that are crafted holistically using vibrant whole plant extracts and keeping the formula as simple and direct from nature as possible. I wildcraft or grow quite a few of my herbs, distill native hydrosols and purchase the rest of my natural ingredients from ethical sources to assure my therapies are highly conscious and full of magic vitality. Each therapy is based on traditional herbal lore from cultures worldwide as well as backed by my training in modern Herbal Medicine, Cultural Anthropology and as a professional in the spa industry.

I began Green Soul Botanicals in 2008 while I was working as a supervisor at the Spa at Sedona Rouge in Sedona, Arizona. In time, with the invaluable help of the therapists and staff at the spa, I began to make many of the spa's body treatments, massage oils and accompanying retail products. Several years later, I formulated Wildflower West Sun Damage Serum with the native herbs chapparal, Arizona cypress and globemallow. The serum really worked to minimize sun damage and became my best selling product. From this product I formulated a full professional spa facial line of sun damage therapies called the Wildflower West Sun Damage Renewal. I began my online store, an Amazon store and an Etsy store as well as established wholesale relationships with boutiques and wellness providers in the U.S. and Japan.

While I continue to personally hand craft all my products, I would be devastated without the marvelous help of Joan and Chuck Harrington. Joan helps me with jarring and shipping as well as being a lovely wellspring of spiritual and motherly wisdom. Chuck, an expert in sustainable manufacturing and a master distiller, makes our native hydrosols using solar power. He is my rock in all things business related, as he speaks that language fluently. With their help and the amazing support of our customers, I look forward to continuing to abundantly grow Green Soul Botanicals and share the beautiful healing consciousness of  plants. 

Thank you so much again for exploring our site! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the Spa Herbalist herbal therapies or the conscious healing herbs within. Blessings and may Nature be with you!"

Robin Harrington, Formulator


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